Richmond International Airport (RIC)
Travel and Ground Transport

(Richmond, Virginia - VA, USA)

Richmond International Airport (RIC) is well located near two major interstate highways, one of which is the main artery running the length of the Eastern Seaboard (I-95).

Options for getting to downtown Richmond from the airport are good, with public buses, shuttle buses, courtesy shuttles, taxis and limousines all available.


The cheapest option for transferring to downtown Richmond from Richmond International Airport is to make use of the Greater Richmond Transit Company public buses, which run from outside the terminal throughout the day. Buses serve many greater Richmond districts as well as downtown. For more information and call: +1 804 358 4782.

Shuttle Buses

For more convenience, regular shuttle services run from directly in front of the terminal building. Shuttles are ideal for saving money and getting to destinations faster than the public bus system or for those traveling in large groups.

Hotel Shuttle Buses

Numerous hotels in the Richmond area provide courtesy shuttle transport from the airport direct to their hotels for those who have reservations. There is a board in Arrivals with information on hotels that provide this service.

Taxi Cabs

Taxis are readily available at Richmond International Airport for direct transport to hotels, downtown and greater Richmond. Fares are reasonable and wheelchair-accessible vehicles are available on request.


There are a couple of official onsite limousine operations at Richmond International Airport including Groome Transportation and CMC Limousine, both of which cover all arriving and departing flights. In addition to the onsite limousine services, there are numerous off-site limousine operations that go from the curb side adjacent to the North Garage.

Richmond Airport RIC

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